2019 Preservation Priorities

Preservation Priorities are properties and sites deemed by HHA to have special importance to the community, as architectural or historic landmarks, as important civic landmarks, or as pivotal elements in a larger neighborhood revitalization objective. Some, but not all are at risk of being lost, while others await the resources needed for their preservation.

Historic Brinser Mansion

Property Name: Historic Brinser Mansion Address: 2301 N. Front Street Owners: RS 2301 LLC Priority Since: 2019 Status: Front yard stoned for parking, otherwise unknown

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Lemoyne Middle School

Property Name: Lemoyne Middle School Address: 701 Market Street, Lemoyne Owners: Schoolhouse Flats, LLC Priority Since: 2019 Status: Multi-family conversion construction underway The former Lemoyne

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Beidleman House

Property Name: Beidleman House Address: 1225 Market Street Owners: Real Life Counseling Ministries Priority Since: 2011 Status: Severe deterioration and no preservation plan. Currently on

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Broad Street Market

Property Name: Broad Street Market Address: 1233 North Third Street Owners: City of Harrisburg Priority Since: 1996 Status: Sign damaged in a storm, 2021. Building

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Walnut Street Bridge

Property Name: Walnut Street Bridge Address: Connection from Harrisburg City to City Island Owners: PA Department of Transportation Priority Since: 1996 Status: Flood-damaged Western Span

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Mulberry Street Bridge Murals

Property Name: Mulberry Street Bridge Murals Address: Presently in Storage Owners: Danzante, Inc. Priority Since: 2014 Status: Seeking funding for installation at new locations After

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Harrisburg History Project

Property Name: Harrisburg History Project Address: City-Wide Owners: City of Harrisburg Priority Since: 2018 Status: Project ongoing More Info: For Donations:https://historicharrisburg.org/getinvovled/donate/ The Harrisburg History Project

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Paxton Firehouse

Property Name: Paxton Firehouse Address: 336 S. Second Street Owners: Paxton Fire Company Priority Since: 2014 Status: Closure as an active firehouse;potential sale for adaptive

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Bishop Bridge

Bishop Bridge is located on Bishop Road southwest of Bowmansdale on the Cumberland-York County Line. The Bridge, which has been determined eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Place

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Union Hotel

Property Name: Union Hotel Address: 240 Old Gettysburg Rd., Shepherdstown, PA Owners: UNION LTR LLC Priority Since: 2018 Status: Recently sold – Current Use Unknown

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Harrisburg State Hospital

Property Name: Harrisburg State Hospital Address: Cameron and Maclay Streets Owners: Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Priority Since: 2014 Status: Under an agreement of sale with Dauphin

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Elks Theater

Property Name: Elks Theater Address: 4 W. Emaus Street, Middletown, PA 17057 Owners: Middletown Industrial and Commercial Development Authority Priority Since: 2019 Status: For Sale:

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Zembo Shrine Center

Property Name: Zembro Shrine Center Address: 2801 N. Third Street Owners: Zembo Temple Harrisburg Priority Since: 2017 Status: New Potentate The magnificent Zembo Shrine Center

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Balsley House

Property Name: Balsley House Address: 220 N. Second Street Owners: Dusan Bratic Priority Since: 2018 Status: Very early structure – Starting to deteriorate One of

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Grace United Methodist Church

Property Name: Grace United Methodist Church Address:    218-224 State Street, Harrisburg Owners: Susquehanna Conference of the United Methodist Church Priority Since: 2019 Status:  Congregation active;

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About the Preservation Committee:

The Preservation Committee acts as the preservation “think tank” for HHA and CHPF. Helps with preservation research, educational and communication activities with or on behalf of HHA committees. Examines and analyzes preservation issues and opportunities, leading to advocacy positioning, CHPF funding proposals, and other undertakings by HHA or CHPF. Coordinates HHA’s Historic Preservation responsibilities and activities including annual Preservation Awards, Preservation Priorities, shaping HHA advocacy positions etc., subject to Board approval

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