Historic Harrisburg Association’s Community Historic Preservation Fund was established in 1996 as a permanent financial resource to assist Historic Harrisburg and the community at large in undertaking historic preservation projects, initiatives and advocacy efforts. Its funds are independent of Historic Harrisburg general operations. The CHPF and its activities are managed by a Council of Trustees appointed by the Historic Harrisburg Board of Directors.

During its first two decades of existence, the CHPF has provided historic preservation grants to owners of historic properties; it has funded educational initiatives; and it has supported the historic preservation advocacy efforts of the Historic Harrisburg.

A portion of the CHPF funds are held at The Foundation for Enhancing Communities, to which additions of principal are made from time to time, both by the Historic Harrisburg Board and by community philanthropists. To explore ways to make a contribution to the CHPF, please contact David Morrison at (717) 233-4646 or dmorrison@historicharrisburg.org.

CHPF Council of Trustees:

Thomas B. Darr, Chairman
Mary Beth Salazar Stringent, Treasurer
David J. Morrison, Secretary
William H. Alexander
David Bronstein, D.O.
Jonathan Hendrickson
Matthew Krupp, Esq.
Linda Plesic
James A. (Jeb) Stuart, III

Guidelines for CHPF Grant Applications:

  • Only one application per entity is allowed per grant cycle. Submission of more than one application from the same entity will disqualify all applications from review.
  • Eligible projects are projects in the public realm including publicly owned structures or amenities, or those owned by non-­ profit organizations including churches, which are open to the general public.
  • Grants typically are awarded in amounts ranging from $500 to $5,000, and must not exceed 50% of the total project budget
  • Project must promote and accomplish the preservation of historic buildings, neighborhoods, and landmarks; maintain the historic authenticity of the structure and address any necessary structural integrity issues involved; contribute to the overall character of the neighborhood; comply with all applicable zoning ordinances; and be approved by the Historic Architectural Review Board (HARB) if applicable.
  • Grantees must sign a publicity release and allow the CHPF/Historic Harrisburg to use the subject structure and organization in promotional materials.
  • A Community Historic Preservation Fund/Historic Harrisburg sign, which will be provided, must be displayed for the duration of the project in a location approved by the trustees in order for any grant monies to be released.
  • Project must be completed within 12 months of grant approval.
  • Deadline extensions will be considered on a case by case basis.

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