Historic Harrisburg Association’s Community Historic Preservation Fund was established in 1996 as a permanent financial resource to assist Historic Harrisburg and the community at large in undertaking historic preservation projects, initiatives and advocacy efforts. Its funds are independent of Historic Harrisburg general operations. The CHPF and its activities are managed by a Council of Trustees appointed by the Historic Harrisburg Board of Directors.

During its first two decades of existence, the CHPF has provided historic preservation grants to owners of historic properties; it has funded educational initiatives; and it has supported the historic preservation advocacy efforts of the Historic Harrisburg.

A portion of the CHPF funds are held at The Foundation for Enhancing Communities, to which additions of principal are made from time to time, both by the Historic Harrisburg Board and by community philanthropists. To explore ways to make a contribution to the CHPF, please contact David Morrison at (717) 233-4646 or dmorrison@historicharrisburg.org.

CHPF Church Matching Funds Grant

The Historic Harrisburg Association (HHA) is offering matching funds for historic preservation projects at houses of worship in the Harrisburg area. Grants of between $500 and $2000 will be competitively awarded from HHA’s Community Historic Preservation Fund (CHPF).

Grant funding can be for exterior or interior work, including organs and fixed furnishings.  Applications must be received by April 17, 2020.  To obtain an application, prospective grantees may contact the HHA Office at 717.233.4646 or info@historicharrisburg.org

“We believe that our urban houses of worship play an important role in many aspects of the life and wellbeing of the community,” said HHA Executive Director David Morrison.  “We further recognize that historic ecclesiastical architecture can be both a great asset and a great burden.”

CHPF Funds have been awarded to church historic preservation projects numerous times during the 25 years since the CHPF was established as a permanent financial resource to assist HHA and the community at large in undertaking historic preservation projects, initiatives and advocacy efforts.

Houses of worship have been an important constituency of Historic Harrisburg Association since it was founded in 1973, Morrison noted.  St. Stephen’s Episcopal Cathedral was a co-founder of the association and it served as the host church for HHA’s first Candlelight House Tour in December 1973.  Other churches, synagogues and the Hadee Mosque have been included on the tours since then. 

In 2019, the HHA worked with four historic United Methodist churches facing closure by the United Methodist Susquehanna Conference.  The efforts were successful in keeping historic Grace Church on State Street, which served as the temporary State Capitol for several years after the old Capitol burned down, from closing.  Also, in 2019, the HHA collaborated with the American Guild of Organists to present a “church tour and organ crawl” of seven landmark churches in Downtown Harrisburg.

CHPF Council of Trustees:

Thomas B. Darr, Chairman
Mary Beth Salazar Stringent, Treasurer
David J. Morrison, Secretary
William H. Alexander
David Bronstein, D.O.
Jonathan Hendrickson
Matthew Krupp, Esq.
Linda Plesic
James A. (Jeb) Stuart, III

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