Paxton Firehouse

Property Name:Paxton Firehouse
Address:336 S. Second Street
Owners:Paxton Fire Company
Priority Since:2014
Status:Closure as an active firehouse;
potential sale for adaptive reuse.

Paxton Firehouse was designed by William Lynch Murray and built in 1937 to replace a predecessor firehouse of the same name and location that was heavily damaged by the flood of 1936.  Art Deco in architectural style, the building is located within the City’s municipal historic district but falls just outside of the National Register District.

In late 2014, the fire station was closed after mutual agreement between City officials and the firemen’s union was reached.  The Paxton Fire Company has initiated plans to sell the property.  Given its prominent location at the City’s “southern gateway” and its unaltered historic exterior, this firehouse (like others successfully sold by the City since 1980) offers attractive possibilities for adaptive reuse.

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