Each May, in observance of National Historic Preservation Month, the Historic Harrisburg Association hosts its “Preservation Celebration and Toast” as both a fundraising event and a recognition event honoring the individuals, organizations, businesses, properties, neighborhoods, landmarks, and other entities that have been part of our community’s “historic preservation story” during the previous year.

The Preservation Celebration and Toast, which typically includes a gala reception, silent auction, and a brief ceremony, is held at an architecturally or historically important property or landmark that itself has been part of the community’s “historic preservation story.” Recent venues have included the Tracy Mansion; Baker-Hall Mansion; the Jacob DeChant Mansion (restored by WCI Partners); The Millworks restaurant and artist cooperative (during its opening month); the John Harris & Simon Cameron Mansion (during its 250th anniversary); and the historic J. Donald Cameron Mansion.

Since 1986, Historic Harrisburg has annually presented Historic Preservation Awards honoring buildings, neighborhoods, landmarks, organizations, and entities for significant historic preservation achievements. Bronze plaques are given for exterior display and recognition.

Since 2011, special recognition in the form of a “toast” has been bestowed on individuals (including David J. Morrison, Jeb Stuart, J. Alex Hartzler, Peggy Grove, and Calobe Jackson, Jr.), groups (the founders of Historic Harrisburg, on the occasion of our 40th anniversary in 2013); organizations (Harristown and the State Museum) and neighborhoods (Midtown and the West Shore).

On Friday, May 17, we will raise a toast to celebrate Zembo’s hundred-year heritage and its bold preservation agenda.

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