Educational Programs

Historic Harrisburg conducts a year-round schedule of education seminars, forums, and workshops for the community. Most programs are open and free to the public and provide valuable information on home ownership, historic preservation, community development, maintaining a historic home, responsible economic development, and do-it-yourself workshops.

Watch our special program, "The State of Preservation in Pennsylvania: A Commonwealth Conversation." Below:

A special educational program about “The State of Preservation in Pennsylvania: A Commonwealth Conversation.” It was a panel presentation moderated by State Representative Patty Kim featuring Mindy Crawford, Executive Director of Preservation Pennsylvania; Julie Fitzpatrick, Executive Director of the PA Downtown Center; Andrea MacDonald, PA State Historic Preservation Officer; and David Morrison, Executive Director of Historic Harrisburg Assoc.


The next education program on Monday, April 8th will be held in-person at the Historic Harrisburg Resource Center

Live stream is provided by Facebook Life, a Facebook account is not required to watch the stream.

Upcoming Educational Events:

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