Former Ridge Avenue Methodist Church Parsonage and Curtis Funeral Home

Property Name:Former Ridge Avenue Methodist Church
Parsonage and Curtis Funeral Home
Address:1000 North Sixth Street
Owners:Vice Capital LLC
Priority Since:2000
Status: Rehabilitation Underway as part of “Jackson Square” 

The Former Ridge Avenue Methodist Church Parsonage at the corner of Sixth and Boas Streets in Old Fox Ridge was built in 1896 by the architectural firm Warren O. Weaver and Son. This brick Queen Anne mansion later served as the Curtis Funeral Home, a prominent African-American-owned business.  Now vacant, the building was at one time a proposed site for Harrisburg’s African-American Museum, which never came to fruition.  1000 North Sixth Street was listed on Preservation Pennsylvania’s “At Risk List” in 2011.  The property is a contributing part of the National Register Federally Certified District and locally-regulated Fox Ridge Historic District. Occupying a prominent gateway location, this property could be part of a block-long project if investors and financing could be found.  It has been reported that the property may be sold at the end of March, 2019, for rehabilitation.

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