Former Bishop McDevitt High School

Property Name:Former Bishop McDevitt High School
Address:2200 Market Street
Owners:William Penn Holdings Company
Priority Since:2018
Status:Leased to “The Bridge” for redevelopment as an Eco-Village;
status of this venture is unknown.
More Info: Locations | The Bridge (

Harrisburg’s former parochial high school was opened in 1930 as the Catholic High School. It was renamed in 1957 in honor the memory of The Most Reverend Phillip R. McDevitt, Bishop of Harrisburg. The neo-Gothic styled original portion of the school was designed by Harrisburg architect Bernard Starr who undertook a number of commissions in the city. The school is situated strategically between Bellevue Park and Reservoir Park affording a great opportunity for an adaptive reuse project or continuation for education purpose. The William Penn Holdings Company recently purchased the property, but no plans have been disclosed about the building’s reuse.

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