Former William Penn High School

Property Name:Former William Penn High School
Address:N. Third and Division Streets
Owners:Harrisburg School District
Priority Since:2017
Status:For Sale: $2.5 million asking price

Former William Penn High School was opened in 1926 as the mate to John Harris High School at the city’s northern and eastern ends respectively. This major Harrisburg landmark, designed by Harrisburg architect Charles Howard Lloyd, has been on the market since 2015 after it was vacated by the Harrisburg School District. Beautifully situated overlooking Italian Lake (developed in sync with the construction of the high school) and at a key uptown location adjacent to the Academy Manor and Riverside neighborhoods and the Zembo Shrine Center across Division Street, the complex may hold great potential for an adaptive reuse project particularly when considering the spacious grounds that could be dedicated to recreational purposes.

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