Mulberry Street Bridge Murals

Property Name:Mulberry Street Bridge Murals
Address:Presently in Storage
Owners:Danzante, Inc.
Priority Since:2014
Status:Seeking funding for installation at new locations

After six months of repair, the Mulberry Street Bridge reopened to traffic in December, 2015.  For those familiar with the span of concrete viaduct designed in 1909 by James Fuertes, there was one notable aspect of the bridge missing—the murals. 

Through a project of Danzante Urban Arts in 2003-2006, eighty-six panels of murals colorfully extended along both sides of the bridge depicting Harrisburg history and Allison Hill community members. In 2014 they were carefully removed by PennDOT and put into storage; however, due to structural constraints, the art pieces cannot be reinstalled on the bridge.

Currently a group known as the Mulberry Street Bridge Murals Restoration and Preservation Committee, which is now a project of the Foundation for Enhancing Communities, is working to assure that the murals will be back in the public eye. The goal is to find a suitable location or locations where they may be installed for permanent public display.

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