Promoting historic preservation, urban revitalization & smart growth since 1973

Historic Harrisburg Resource CenterThe Historic Harrisburg Association (HHA) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable and educational organization that advocates for the restoration, preservation, and proper stewardship of historic neighborhoods and landmarks throughout the Capital Region to enable current and future generations to retain and celebrate Harrisburg’s rich history. HHA collaborates with civic organizations, neighborhood groups, and government agencies to fulfill its mission to “promote historic preservation, urban revitalization, and smart growth.” HHA achieves its mission through:

1. Advocacy

HHA engages constituencies to advocate for the importance of historic preservation as a key mechanism for urban revitalization, economic development, neighborhood improvement, and tourism enhancement.

2. Education

HHA offers multi-faceted education and outreach programs that include free and low-cost lectures, seminars, workshops, guided walking tours and informational exhibits.

3. Preservation

HHA works closely with the City of Harrisburg and its citizens, property owners, and neighborhood groups to ensure that Harrisburg’s historic districts and architectural landmarks are preserved in keeping with Federal and municipal guidelines.

4. Service

HHA operates the Historic Harrisburg Resource Center to support the needs of the Association and the surrounding community, serving as a central location to coordinate and deliver mission-oriented services.


Hanna Street in Shipoke

HHA was established in 1973 in response to two major events:

  1. The devastating effects to the Capital Region following the unprecedented flooding from Hurricane Agnes; and
  2. The demolition of Harrisburg’s spectacular State Theatre.

The aftermath of these events revealed the lack of knowledge and appreciation of the cultural, economic, and historical importance of local communities and landmarks, prompting the formation of HHA to serve as the voice of historic preservation moving forward. More than 40 years later, HHA continues to serve as the voice of historic preservation, contributing to the vitality of the Capital Region. 

The following milestones stand out in HHA’s history:


Demolition of Penn-Harris Hotel

Demolition of Penn-Harris Hotel signifies “bottoming out” of Downtown.


First Candlelight House Tour

First Candlelight House Tour is held, Sunday, Dec. 9, 1973, a tradition that has continued on the second Sunday in December ever since.


First Municipal Historic District

First Municipal Historic District is established in Harrisburg.


Passage of US Tax Reform Act of 1976

Passage of US Tax Reform Act of 1976 Enables Tax Credits for Historic Preservation.

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