Former Brotherhood Relief & Compensation Fund Building

Property Name:Former Brotherhood Relief &
Compensation Fund Building
Address:2101 North Sixth Street
Owners:Adam Maust, A Mighty Group
Priority Since:2011
Status:Permits recently received (late 2021); owner moving forward.
Renamed The Atlas.

Designed originally in 1923 to be a 10-story building, the project was halted following financial difficulties. The basement and two stories of steel framework stood untouched for several years. As revised and scaled back by Philadelphia architectural firm Ritter & Shay, the building was redesigned and completed in 1932. The structure later became known as the Hudson Building (1979) and later housed the Tri-County Opportunities Industrialization Center, Inc.  Its potential as an Uptown neighborhood anchor and its high visibility at Harrisburg’s “northern gateway” make its preservation especially desirable and strategically important.

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