Beidleman House

Property Name:Beidleman House
Address:1225 Market Street
Owners:Real Life Counseling Ministries
Priority Since:2011
Status:Severe deterioration and no preservation plan. Currently on the
City of Harrisburg’s property demolition list (listed in 2018).

This Market Street landmark, at the gateway to Allison Hill, was built in 1906 for the prominent attorney and political leader Edward E. Beidleman and is located in the Mount Pleasant Historic District. Beidleman served in the State House from 1904-1911, State Senate from 1912-1918, and was elected Lieutenant Governor from 1919-1922. In 1937, the building was converted to professional offices and apartments.  Due to its location within a National Register Historic District, this property is eligible for federal rehabilitation tax credits.  The City added the property to its demolition list in 2017 raising further concerns about its future.

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