Broad Street Market

Property Name:Broad Street Market
Address:1233 North Third Street
Owners:City of Harrisburg
Priority Since:1996
Status:Sign damaged in a storm, 2021. Building permit received for a new
sign. Otherwise, the market is bustling and well-utilized facility by city residents
More Info: To volunteer, become a member or donate:

America’s oldest continuously-operated farmer’s market, and an anchor of the Midtown Market District, the 150-year-old market boasts a vibrant array of ethic, organic and Pennsylvania Dutch vendors, meeting urban nutrition needs with fresh produce, specialties and prepared foods.  The Broad Street Market originally served soldiers stationed at Camp Curtin during the Civil War.  The market complex is owned by the City of Harrisburg and managed by the non-profit Broad Street Market Alliance.  Although great operational improvements continue to occur, the aging infrastructure is in need of investment through community and government action to enable the historic market to thrive.

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