Derry Street United Methodist Church

Property Name:Derry Street United Methodist Church
Address:1508 Derry Street, Harrisburg
Owners:Susquehanna Conference of the United Methodist Church
Priority Since:2019
Status:Purchased by The Anglican Church of the Pentecost in 2021;
the congregation is active and the church doing well!

The Derry Street United Methodist church is a Gothic Revival-styled church building completed in 1908 as the Derry Street United Brethren and Evangelical Church. The church serves as a neighborhood and community center for the surrounding South Allison Hill area. Last summer, in a unique partnership between Tri-County Housing Development Corporation (TCHDC) and Habitat for Humanity of Greater Harrisburg, more than 120 young people came to Harrisburg to participate in a massive, week-long “Building Blitz” in Allison Hill. Many of the students worshipped at Derry Street on Sunday, June 24, 2018. They were all on a faith-based mission trip from the Woods Memorial Presbyterian Church, based in Severna Park, Maryland, to build three houses in seven days.

Rev. Mack Granderson is Pastor of Derry Street United Methodist Church. An inspired minister, Pastor Mack was called to lead the Derry Street Congregation in 2014. In only a few years, Rev. Mack has led a revitalization of the church by bringing in new members, invigorating the Spanish-language service and expanding the church’s outreach into the community. Derry Street Church has become an anchor of the Allison Hill community providing a haven for people in need and supporting such vital services as weekly meals, a clothing pantry, as well as counseling and support services. The church is located within the Mount Pleasant National Register Historic District.

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