Harrisburg History Project

Property Name:Harrisburg History Project
Owners:City of Harrisburg
Priority Since:2018
Status:Project ongoing
More Info:For Donations:

The Harrisburg History Project consists of 113 outdoor displays, installed between 2002 and 2004, describing and illustrating historic buildings, neighborhoods and landmarks of local, state and national importance. The intent of the Project has been to provide tourists and local residents with information about these sites in a way that creates an interesting visually interactive experience in comparing the “then and now” appearance of Harrisburg.   Jeb Stuart, Special Consultant to the City of Harrisburg at that time, was responsible for the photographic research, writing and project coordination. Most districts and neighborhoods in the City are included within the system. Because the system was installed a number of years ago, many of the exhibits have been damaged, removed or have deteriorated due to wear and tear.  Funds are needed to replace damaged or missing exhibits so that system is restored in its entirety.  This could be a great project for a philanthropic entity or a grassroots effort.  Historic Harrisburg and the Midtown Action Council have received a $13,652 Gaming Grant from the Dauphin County Commissioners to start to upgrade the system.  More funds are being sought from contributors and other funding sources.

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