Historic Harrisburg Resource Center

Property Name:Historic Harrisburg Resource Center
Address:1230 North Third Street
Owners:Historic Harrisburg Association
Priority Since:1993
Status:Masterplan grant funded; work underway!

The Central Trust Company was established at this site in 1893, and the present building was completed in 1911 with major renovations following a fire in 1927.  It was donated to Historic Harrisburg Association in 1993 and has been operated as a civic resource and non-profit activity center while undergoing grassroots restoration.  Renovations are ongoing, and a master plan was adopted by HHA in 2013.  Improvements to the second floor have allowed Historic Harrisburg to secure an anchor tenant, the Pennsylvania Downtown Center, which brings both operational and organizational advantages.  Restoration of the spectacular main banking hall, designed in 1927 by Lawrie & Green, when funded, will significantly increase the Resource Center’s use and value as a community hub. 

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