First United Methodist Church

Property Name:First United Methodist Church
Address:260 Boas Street
Owners: First United Methodist Church
Priority Since:2019
Status: Church closed October 13, 2019.  For sale $169,000 List Price
More Info:
717-761-5070 Ext. 120
1015 Mumma Rd
Lemoyne, PA 17043

Built in 1881 with Gothic Revival and Italianate architectural features, the church is nestled in the heart of the Midtown National Register Historic District. Said to have Tiffany stained glass windows, the church’s immersion within a revitalized residential neighborhood makes it a great facility for continued worship and community service. According to the website, the church’s pastor is Dr. Jeffrey N. Cartwright with services held at 9:30 am Sunday mornings. Worship is traditional with organ and piano music accompaniment to the singing of hymns. The website further notes that a bazaar is held each November and the that the church supports the Uptown Soup Kitchen and Mission Central.

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