Walking Tour: Landmarks of the Capitol Complex


June 1    
10:00 am - 12:00 pm

This tour includes historic Grace Church on State Street, which served as Pennsylvania’s Capitol from 1897 to 1906!

Historic Harrisburg has scheduled three walking tours in the month of June that will showcase the relationship of three historic churches to their respective neighborhoods.  All three are United Methodist Churches that are threatened with closure by decisions made at the UMC Conference earlier this year and whose futures remain uncertain.

“Historic Harrisburg, since it’s founding in 1973, has recognized the important roles our urban churches play in the overall vitality and health of the community, ” said Executive Director, David Morrison.  “Above and beyond their ecclesiastical roles, churches often are focal points of social outreach and community support, while standing as defining landmarks of their respective neighborhoods.”

Meet at Capitol Fountain on Commonwealth Ave.

*Suggested donations:

$15- General admission

$10- HHA members

$5- Students

*All proceeds benefit Grace United Methodist Church



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