Pop-up Preservation Sidewalk Seminar: Former Parkin Grocery Store


June 5    
5:30 pm - 6:00 pm


1200 N 2nd St
1200 N 2nd St, Harrisburg, PA
Map Unavailable

Curious about all of that construction work at the corner of 2nd & Cumberland???

Now is your chance to get an exclusive look at the restoration work and perhaps a glimpse of the future apartments at the former Parkin Grocery Store.  After the first-floor storefront and second-floor facade had suffered from structural deterioration and removal, WCI Partners, LP took on a total facade restoration project.  WCI Partners, LP are well known for the renovation of several other apartment properties which include: Olde Uptown Lofts, Union Lofts and the Flats on 3rd.

For this noble pursuit, Historic Harrisburg will be awarding them with the 2019 Preservation Award on May 22 as part of the Preservation Celebration: A toast to Peggy Grove.  (Please see the event on our website for links to tickets)

This is a FREE event, registration optional:


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