2020 Preservation Priorities

Preservation Priorities are properties and sites deemed by HHA to have special importance to the community, as architectural or historic landmarks, as important civic landmarks, or as pivotal elements in a larger neighborhood revitalization objective. Some, but not all are at risk of being lost, while others await the resources needed for their preservation.

Historic Peace Church

Property Name: Historic Peace Church Address: Trindle and St John’s Church Roads, Hampden Twp Owners: Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission Priority Since: 2020 Status: Friends

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Riverside Firehouse

Property Name: Riverside Firehouse Address: 3201-03 N. Fourth Street Owners: City of Harrisburg (Tract 1) Riverside Fire Co. #15 (Tract 2). Both parcels to be

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Sheepford Rd. Bridge

Property Name: Sheepford Rd. Bridge Address: Sheepford Rd. between Lower Allen and Fairview Townships Owners: Joint ownership by Cumberland and York Counties Priority Since: 2020

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About the Preservation Committee:

The Preservation Committee acts as the preservation “think tank” for HHA and CHPF. Helps with preservation research, educational and communication activities with or on behalf of HHA committees. Examines and analyzes preservation issues and opportunities, leading to advocacy positioning, CHPF funding proposals, and other undertakings by HHA or CHPF. Coordinates HHA’s Historic Preservation responsibilities and activities including annual Preservation Awards, Preservation Priorities, shaping HHA advocacy positions etc., subject to Board approval

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