LANDMARK TOUR: Harrisburg State Hospital


October 31    
10:00 am - 12:00 pm


Harrisburg State Hospital Administration Building
20 Azalea Drive, Harrisburg, PA, 17070

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Join Historic Harrisburg Association an exclusive look at

Landmark Tour: Harrisburg State Hospital

Facilities and Property Manager, Runyan Fuller guides this historical tour through the extensive former Harrisburg State Hospital Grounds.


Originally conceived as the “Pennsylvania State Lunatic Hospital” in 1845 with a budget of $10,000, it was to become the states first institution for the care and treatment of the mentally ill.  Opening six years later in 1861, Architect John Havinland designed the main buildings while Samuel Holman designed several original out buildings.  The complex continued to expand over the years to include a solarium, chapels, morgue, a cemetery and multiple agriculture buildings.  This “City on the Hill” even had it’s own water tower and grew from its original 130 acres to well over 1000 to include over 70 buildings.

It was the philosophy at the time that the idyllic setting would protect the patients, and not incarcerate them. This ideology continued as the state decided to transition from the single large structure, otherwise known as the “Kirkbride” plan, into the “Cottage” plan where the individual buildings reinforced a sense of home for the patients.

The State Hospital is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and has been closed since 2006, although several buildings remain in governmental or institutional use. HHA is leading an effort known as “the Committee for the Future of the Harrisburg State Hospital” which advocates that sale of the property by the Commonwealth should result in three distinct outcomes: protection of the historic buildings and their spectacular hilltop setting through some form of adaptive reuse or historic preservation tax credit investment; preservation of the natural open space area that includes the Asylum Run watershed and the Greenbelt corridor, possibly as a municipal park; and responsible development of the extensive remaining acreage.

$15- General Admission

$10 – HHA members

$5   –  Students

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-Flat, closed-toed shoes

-Flashlight (recommended)


-Tour Participants will be required to sign a liability waivers


*****Covid-19 Precations: Face masks are required for walking tours and social distancing measures are expected to be maintained by staff and visitors.

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