Historic Harrisburg's Old House Fair


November 19    
12:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Event Type

Walk thru tours of the newly renovated Historic Donaldson Mansion! Vendor fair of local craftsmen, artisans, contractors and vendors in the business of old house restoration and repair!

Collect information, gather business cards and ask the experts! 

Free event, co-sponsored by Midtown Property Management, HHA, and the Auchincloss Family Fund. 

Exhibitors include:

Inch Masonry
S.F.Spector Inc. (Custom Woodwork)
Architecture By Design Consultants Inc.
Valencia Construction
KCS Electric LLC
Stained Glass
Touch of Color (Flooring Sales & Installation)
Crain Roofing
Custom Carpentry & Tile
Mid South Building Supply
Studio 4 Showroom (Building Supplies & Design)
Design & Construction
MPM Construction

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